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Office equipment in service with the military

In partnership with the "Moloda Kraina" foundation, Oleg Laguta, Joerg Kessler and Olexander Kyrylyuk we've handed over a whole heap of happiness for five of our supported units: 11 printers, 11 monitors, and 4 laptops. Some of the guys took care of the delivery themselves today. The rest was sent thanks to Nova Poshta Humanitarian. The "offices" in these units will now be modernized!

However, we still haven't been able to "modernize" the third evacuation vehicle for the unit on the hellish front line. Two anti-drone shields have been ordered. We lack funds for one more. Please support this fundraiser! The number of casualties there is decreasing, as well as the enemy drones targeting evacuation vehicles with the wounded. We only need to raise less than 60,000 hryvnias! PrivatBank: 5169 3351 0027 6134 PayPal:


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