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Report for April

We will report on another month of work. In April, we not only celebrated our 10th anniversary and launched a wave of nostalgia with our #marathon_of_memories, but also worked hard.

  • We raised funds, purchased and delivered three specific high-value drone antenna amplifiers for the 56th Separate Mechanized Brigade, and also ordered and paid for the fourth device (the total project cost is 220,000 hryvnias). We were greatly helped in this by friends who organized personal fundraisers and managed to accumulate over 100,000 hryvnias.

  • We bought and delivered a thermal imager for the mobile firefighting group operating in the Odessa region.

  • In cooperation with Oleg Laguta and the NGO "Young Country", we provided 40 monitors for three of our supported units.

  • We delivered the long-awaited Electronic Warfare Equipment (EW) for the 56th Brigade.

  • We helped repair a combat vehicle for the unit of the Kyiv TRO, which is currently deployed to serve on the eastern front.

  • We delivered 2 training drones, 15 laptops, routers, cameras, and other useful computer equipment from Kostyantyn Sandalov.

  • We thank the Humanitarian Post of Ukraine for timely and careful delivery of all our shipments!

A special thanks to our friends who organized personal fundraisers: Natalia Podoba, Yuliia Masiienko, Serge Shmygelskyy, Danila Nevhad, Elena Chereda, Onride Team, as well as everyone who donated to us during April!

We are moving forward. We are collecting funds for a second EW device for the 56th Separate Mechanized Brigade. There is currently a critical shortage of these devices! We have other equally important requests. So we greatly rely on your support and assistance!

 Fund card: 5169 3351 0027 6134


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