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Who we are

Our history

From Facebook group to a charitable foundation


Since 2014

The Help the Army of Ukraine Charitable Foundation was established in April 2014 to provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian military, which was repelling Russian aggression after the annexation of Crimea and the start of active hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

The foundation was created from the group "Support the Army of Ukraine" on Facebook, which in the first months of its existence united more than 20.000 participants from all over Ukraine and the world and grew into an extensive network of volunteers who provide systemic assistance to the Ukrainian army.

Since 2022

Since the full-scale invasion of the russian federation at the territory of peaceful Ukraine, Help the Army of Ukraine has been actively supporting soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial defense. Today they protect not only our state but also real humanist values ​​and stand on guard for the peace of all of Europe.

Half of our facebook-foundation team is now at the front line in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Fighting for our people, our freedom, and our right to live on our land. The other half of our team continues providing maximum support to our defenders. And we will fight, everyone in their place, till our confident Victory.

Our Mission

To provide humanitarian aid to ensure the life of Ukrainian soldiers in the combat zone or in strategic positions outside the places of permanent deployment. As such, no weapons are included in the support provided by Help the Army of Ukraine Charitable Foundation.

War leaves little chance of comfort for those who take a hit on themselves.

But we are sure: every Ukrainian defender is worthy of a decent life, care and support from those whom he protects!

What our defenders need


How we help

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#1 Processing applications

We receive direct applications from military units, coordinate them and fulfill the orders.

#2 Collection of donations and organizing purchases

You donate — we search and purchase goods and equpment specified in the applications from the military.

#3 Address delivery

We pack, pass and deliver directly to the locations of our ward military units on the front line. 

#4 Transparent reporting

All transferred assistance passes through official acts of acceptance. Expenses are recorded in public reports of the Foundation. As far as possible, we make photo and video reports.


We cannot protect our soldiers from the horrors of war, but we can support and inspire them faith in victory!

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