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Ukraine has grown up

Help her make her way to victory!

War has its own relationship with time: a different countdown, pace, milestones. War ages cities and takes away the childhood, but at the same time it accelerates historical developments and strengthens nations.


February 24, 2022 divided the life of Ukrainians into " before" and "after". Warm, peaceful memories are left in the past. The future holds uncertainty and hope.

Since February 24, Ukraine has changed beyond recognition: it has matured, gained geopolitical weight and substance, realized its own strength and solidified values worth fighting for!


Ukraine has grown up!

Every minute we have to fight for the right to live on our native land. And our struggle continues. Everyone can bring our victory closer and help Ukraine complete this journey.


Right ahead is a long and difficult winter, another fierce enemy for our soldiers. That is why we are launching a fundraising campaign to purchase critical items that will help cope with the challenges of the cold season.

Within this campaign we are raising funds for:


Clothing and footwear that guarantee the soldiers warmth and protection from the whims of nature:

- Raincoats and rubber boots

- Thermal underwear and warm clothing (gloves, hats, balaclavas)

- Trekking shoes and socks


Equipment and household goods necessary to ensure a decent level of comfort in the field:

- Winter sleeping bags and mats

- Stoves-burners

- Tents and winter camouflage nets


Power sources

- Universal portable batteries

- Gasoline and diesel generators

Together we will overcome this path!

We will stand! We will win!


We cannot protect our soldiers from the horrors of war, but we can support and inspire them faith in victory!

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