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We are celebrating our 10th anniversary

April 25th marks the official birthday of our Foundation. We've turned 10!

Back in the spring of 2014, we were naive enough to believe that all of this would soon end. We were engaged in activities unfamiliar to us, fulfilling strange requests from the military. We refused to buy something when the goods couldn't be delivered quickly and considered it a complete adventure to pay for a batch of Celox that had to be awaited from the States for almost a month...

Enlightenment came quickly. After 10 years, we're still here: doing ordinary things, fulfilling traditional (though sometimes strange) requests from the military, and not missing the chance to make profitable purchases, even if the delivery is delayed.

We deliberately abandoned the idea of a celebratory event (even in a charitable format). It's a pity for the resources and money wasted on all this mess. But we shared with you a whole series of memories that shaped us as a volunteer community and captured the peculiarities of this 10-year period.

You can read these memories on the Foundation's official Facebook page or find them under the hashtag #marathon_of_memories.

In particular, we told stories about:

  • How we evacuated soldiers from Crimea with Oleg Sentsov in the spring of 2014;

  • How we ended up in the pages of a book;

  • How volunteers in supermarkets collected tons of useful items for the military;

  • About the gas tank that fell off and yogurts under the barrels of guns;

  • About dancing in the midst of war (Dedicated to our fallen wards);

  • How Prutula starred in our advertising and about parcels for bachelors;

  • How we organized weddings as an organization.







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