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Ukraine has grown up

Today, we present a video created by volunteers of our Foundation for another fundraising campaign in support of our Armed Forces, namely, to meet the needs dictated by winter: we started works on creating mobile shower and laundry.

We already did some mobile showers for Ukrainian army in 2014 and we want to do it again for our defenders!

"Ukraine has grown up" - a video about our experiences and emotions against the background of the war, about losses and an indomitable will to win, about the path we have taken and on which mutual support and mutual aid are so valuable!

Let's keep in line, help the Armed Forces!

And all the details are on our new website:

Our team is extremely grateful to: Luminance video production - for all the work on filming the video, Antonina Sotnikova and Denis Stegniy for the conceptual inspiration and drive of this project singer Mavka - the song "Hey, Falcons!" locations: Museum of Living History "Mamaeva Sloboda" Museum Pirogovo/Museum Pirogovo


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