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Report for March

Yo-ho! March turned out to be incredibly vibrant for us! During this month, we managed to collect half a million hryvnias in donations and provide our defenders with so many necessary items!

  •  We purchased two Mavic 3T thermal imaging drones for the rotary of the unmanned aerial vehicles of the 22nd separate mechanized brigade. They were personally handed over during the next trip to the east.

  •  We bought and delivered an anti-drone device for the 28th brigade. Another one (this will be the eleventh!) was purchased for the 56th brigade. We are currently waiting in line to pick it up.

  •  We bought a bunch of tools (cutting wheels, welding electrodes, electrode holders, etc.) for the repair unit of the 56th separate motorized infantry brigade. Thanks to this, the armored horses of the brigade will be equipped with reliable protection!

  •  We bought and delivered 3 plasmas for one of the headquarters in the southern direction.

  •  Helped import and register another combat vehicle in Ukraine (the fourth one since the beginning of the year).

  •  Thanks to the initiatives and support team of Konstantin Sandalov, we handed over 2 sets of HackRF (plus an amplifier and a telescopic antenna), two FPV drones, a spectrum analyzer, and several laptops.

Thanks to Nova Poshta Humanitarian for the neat and timely delivery of these crucial items! Hats off to Epicenter for assistance in choosing tools and providing discounts! Warmest hugs to our steadfast partner, Romsat, for their assistance in multiple directions.

And a traditional big thank you to all of you - our familiar and unfamiliar donors

We are one more month closer to victory!

The more we do, the closer we get!

You can support our next fundraiser for thermal imagers for fire support groups

Fund card: 5169 3351 0027 6134


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