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The anniversary of the fighting. Report and thanks

Today marks nine years since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. And it's been almost a year since the war became a reality for us.

The “Support the Army of Ukraine” charitable foundation has been helping our defenders since March 2014. But since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, it has become much more difficult to do so. The “front lines” as we new them disappeared, the established logistics schemes collapsed, the male backbone of our community joined the army, and women, all around the country, were torn between family, their jobs and the first wave of requests from the military.

We just did everything we could.

Nevertheless, in a year we managed to raise about 3 million hryvnias, purchase dozens of items and transfer them to the needs of the Armed Forces units:

  • about 100 units of computer and various office equipment (laptops, tablets, plasma screens, printers, scanners, MFPs and a myriad of related small items);

  • dozens of power sources (generators, batteries of various types);

  • 36 radios and 3 expensive optical devices;

  • more than 300 sets of uniforms and dozens of other tactical clothing items;

  • 300 sleeping bags and mats;

  • construction materials and tools worth more than 400 thousand hryvnias;

  • telecommunication equipment, stationery, goods for field kitchens, light devices, video surveillance systems, medicine and much more.

We have purchased spare parts and tires and paid for over UAH 135 000 worth of vehicle repairs, are finalizing the production of a mobile shower/laundry room worth UAH 500 000, and are accumulating and redirecting donations of different goods to the army.

We have done all this thanks to you, incredible, caring, sincere people, whom we will never stop thanking:

  • Everyone who has donated and continues to support our projects

  • To the wonderful Crimean Tatars who donated a bus for the Kyiv TRO

  • People who have "stripped" their own business by donating office equipment

  • Dozens of people around the world who helped to purchase goods and organize extremely complex logistics schemes

  • Residents of Zhukivtsi village, Obukhiv district, Kyiv region, who have been weaving camouflage nets for our wards

  • Representatives of dozens of service, manufacturing and sales companies who, when we mentioned the phrase "this is for the military", gave us discounts, got us what was out of stock, urgently produced it, and sometimes made extra efforts on their own

  • Luminance Video Production, who were the ideologists of creative fundraising campaigns for us

  • The Infopulse Ukraine team, in partnership with whom we were able to donate dozens of computer equipment

  • Our wonderful partners: MTI, Epicenter, Romsat, BCPP for their cash or goods donations and procurement assistance

  • Nova Poshta Humanitarian for their invaluable help with logistics and delivery.

The ability to unite and appreciate the power of personal contribution is what fundamentally distinguishes us from our enemies. Nine years ago, people came out on the squares all over the country with posters "I am a drop in the sea". Feel the difference between whining like "What can I do?"

We are just a drop in the ocean! And we have done what we could this year. And we will continue to do everything in our power to make this ocean push away all that evil that has come to our land. GLORY TO UKRAINE!

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