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Perhaps, due to interruptions with electricity and the Internet, we slow down with our reports. But we continue to do our work. In recent weeks, we bought two powerful generators in Europe, delivered them to Ukraine and handed them over to the respective friendly units, closed the application for the delivery of radios, and now we have already bought and are waiting for the delivery of a portable charging station. We accomplished an incredibly difficult logistical case with the order and delivery to Ukraine of expensive and very specific equipment for the Air Force of Ukraine. Our procurement schemes this month covered half the world: USA, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Germany. Nova Poshta Humanitarian - how the "last mile" delivered all this to the end users.

We continue to send computers and related components to the front line. A very large project is brewing, which will help our frontline soldiers to get through the winter with decent living conditions (more on that later).

Do not forget! You are part of this continuous march to victory. Your money, acquaintances, logistical threads - all this allows us to get closer to victory step by step!

And if, after purchasing everything necessary for your own building in the dark and cold, there are still a couple of hundred hryvnias left in the account, transfere it to us! We will definitely direct this resource to cover urgent needs of our solgiers.


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