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Report on the trip to the military

Working on requests from various units from the warm rear of Kyiv and experiencing the working conditions of the military firsthand are two significant differences. That's why, starting from 2014, volunteer teams from the "Support the Ukrainian Army" initiative have repeatedly traveled to the locations of our wards. Anna Sandalova recently made such a trip on her own. Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, and the necessary locations nearby. Meetings with the commanders of the 56th and 22nd brigades, with those responsible for interaction with volunteers, conversations with officers and sergeants. The main goal of the trip is to synchronize efforts and specify the most urgent needs, as Anna puts it, to "embrace our own."

They identified the circle of the most urgent needs on which we need to focus. Our assistance with equipping headquarters and command posts with information and communication devices becomes extremely relevant. A significant part of such needs was covered by funds from local military tax collections. With the transfer of this type of tax to the state budget, there have been disruptions in purchasing such equipment. Our Foundation traditionally works in this direction. Still, now we have to take on the processing of a larger number of such requests. Another urgent need is assistance with vehicle repairs. With worsening weather conditions, transport literally "burns out." In the same Kramatorsk, there are huge queues at service stations and a colossal shortage of spare parts. Although many military personnel repair and pay for repairs on their own, our help, including providing spare parts and repairs in more remote locations from the front, is extremely necessary. And most importantly, electronic warfare means. This is where we can be most helpful now! Anti-drone protection is needed for transport, for mobile assault brigades, and for stationary fortifications. Our wards modestly order a couple of units from us (Anna just handed over 2 anti-drone devices for medical evacuation vehicles for the 56th brigade during this trip). Still, discussions with the military have demonstrated that we need to purchase as many suitable devices as possible.

You can read about personal impressions from the trip on Anna Sandalova personal page. And to all those who tirelessly donate, help with useful contacts, take the initiative to work on certain issues – Anna brought tons of warm greetings and thanks from our defenders. Know that your personal contribution is noticeable and tangible! We are drops in the ocean, but together we can move mountains!

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