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Report for the beginning of February

During the first half of February, we finally purchased and delivered another anti-drone device to the 22nd brigade (this makes the seventh we've procured for various units).

In addition to this valuable "umbrella," we bought and delivered five plasma units to the 56th brigade, contributed a couple of laptops for different units, and assisted with the delivery of tires for one combat vehicle.

We extend our gratitude to Romsat company for their unwavering support and assistance, as well as to our beloved Nova Poshta for the swift delivery of our "valentines."

After gathering requests from three beneficiary brigades, we received only one request – EW (Electronic Warfare) equipment!!! It seems that the project with the code name "Anti-Drone Shield" will become our flagship and most valuable one in the near future. It would have been easier if they had asked for something cheaper and more romantic. But we do not choose what is easier, but what is NECESSARY!

Your support will make this project uplifting.

Fund card: 5169 3351 0027 6134

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