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Preparing for the winter

Another month of the war, a month of our work and your tireless help to Ukrainian soldiers, is coming to an end. In recent weeks, we were able to purchase and deliver to various hot spots in the east and south of Ukraine: - warm uniforms and shoes, - necessary tools for equipment repair, - sets of replacement tires for cars, - we have found, purchased and brought from Europe two powerful gasoline generators, which we are already delivering to eastern direction; - continued the already traditional assembly of various parts with computer equipment, and also supported fundraising for the purchase of a DJI Mavic 3 drone for the combat motorized infantry brigade.

#NovaPoshtaHumanitarian continues to deliver the goods we purchased to the final addressees, pleasantly surprising us with the speed of delivery and the resumption of operations of branches in the liberated territories!

And we continue to process new applications from our friendly divisions: the hottest and most relevant!

We continue supporting our Army!!!


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