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Plasmas and monitors are already on the front lines

We recently explained how important a quality picture is for our defenders and asked for help in raising funds for the purchase of plasma screens and monitors. Our call did not go unanswered. Thanks to donations from caring individuals, we were able to purchase 7 large plasma screens, and Konstantin Sandalov fulfilled the request for 5 monitors (plus multifunction printers and several laptops). All of this, thanks to Nova Poshta Humanitarian, has already been delivered to the east. The guys are providing photo reports.

On the boxes in the photos, there are labels from peaceful times that read "home entertainment." Now, their entertainment is far from home and far from peaceful...

So, for those who witness the war on their screens from the comfort of their homes, it's worth making efforts again and again to help our defenders. The details are provided below, and you know what to do!

PrivatBank: 5169 3351 0027 6134


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