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"Other birds" are our new project

You've probably noticed how we've been dropping hints lately that we're on the brink of something grand, right? Well, here it is! It's begun!

Today, our new project "Other Birds" has taken off. It's a joint initiative of the "Support the Ukrainian Army" foundation and the "Other Interview" podcast by Volodymyr Anfimov, with the support of Radio Krayina FM. The aim is to purchase reconnaissance drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We have an ambitious goal – to raise 1 million hryvnias and acquire four Mavic 3T quadcopters with thermal cameras for the 22nd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which is stationed in the most challenging frontline areas. Requests for drones are among the most common in the wish lists from our beneficiaries. The realities of modern warfare result in systematic losses of such equipment on the battlefield or during reconnaissance flights. The need for remote "eyes" to obtain real-time intelligence, support military operations, and conduct evacuation missions is only increasing. The reconnaissance drones with thermal imagers that we plan to purchase will help our defenders more effectively track the movement of enemy equipment, provide support during offensive operations, and work even in low-light conditions.

Listen to "Other Interview" on YouTube at or on In the new season, incredibly interesting guests will discuss pressing and important issues! Follow the fundraising progress on our new foundation's Monobank jar! Join us in fundraising because every contribution, no matter how small, is real support for the soldiers on the front lines!

"Other Birds" - your contribution to victory! Donate here:

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