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Four birds have flown off for duty

Fantastic guardian birds have flown to aid the soldiers of the 22nd and 154th brigades! This wonderful Christmas gift became possible thanks to your incredible support, our dear friends and unknown benefactors!

Deep gratitude to Volodymyr Anfimov, guests, and all fans of the podcast "Інше інтерв’ю" who raised a significant sum for a thermal imaging drone for the 22nd Mechanized Brigade.

Special respect to our young helpers – students of Novopechersk School – who, with the support of teachers and parents, organized several powerful charity events and raised funds for one thermal imaging drone and two Mavic 3 drones (for the 22nd and 154th brigades).

Our Foundation facilitated personal communication between the children and military personnel during the drone handover. A representative of the 154th Brigade visited Novopechersk School, and one of the commanders of the 22nd Brigade and the chairwoman of the board of "Help the Army of Ukraine" Hanna Sandalova, joined the event online.

There was something very symbolic about this event: as if the stern present met the bright, promising, and smiling future in pixels!

We all need to make an extra effort to ensure that the future unfolds exactly like this. While the military secures our tomorrow on the battlefield, we, on the home front, must continue to support them and provide everything necessary!

Now it's our turn to purchase three more anti-drone devices to protect medical evacuation vehicles. The budget for this project is 270,000 UAH, and we are only at the initial stage of fundraising. Give the defenders another extremely important gift! Donate!

Merry Christmas!


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