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Final collection for the shower/laundry

Our favorite project under the code name "Banya" (a mobile shower/laundry unit for one of the legendary combat units in the East) is nearing completion. At this point, we have managed to raise 440,000 hryvnias and pay for the necessary building materials, equipment, and labor by 88%. There is one final payment of 58,000 hryvnias left. We would really like to make it in the coming days so that all the work is completed on time. As of now, the heating and ventilation system installation, electrical system installation, and interior finishing have been completed 100%. The roof repair and water supply system installation are being completed. The plan for the next week is to paint the module in camouflage color and test the performance of all systems. It is a very achievable plan! Compared to the path behind us, it is just one step forward!

We need a little more of your donations. We promise to foot the final bill, ensure control over the implementation, and provide a wonderful photo report when we hand over the ready-made shower to our defenders.

P.S. In the context of the incredible spring mud, a shower and laundry are what the boys and girls on the front line are dreaming about the most!

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