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December report

Another month of our work ends. December's biggest project – a mobile shower/laundry for a tank battalion – is moving forward. We could not even imagine that before the end of the year we would pay 3/4 of the entire project, having collected almost 400 thousand hryvnias in a few weeks!

Currently, the work has already started, and we just have to make the last push. To complete the purchases and pay for the work on the production of the shower room/laundry room, we need only UAH 50,000!

But we did not only focus on a mobile shower/laundry in December. We carried out traditional purchases for our wards, strengthened the work of several headquarters with computer and office equipment, bought tactical headphones for the Kyiv Territorial Defence Forces, which is fighting in the east, helped in the purchase and shipment of training equipment for the military in a partner project.

Despite the shelling and turning off the lights, we together with you are slowly moving the wheels of that great people's mechanism of mutual aid, which is bringing our victory closer. Thank you incredible people-donors, thank you our dear partners: MTI, Romsat, Nova Poshta! You are cooler than any Christmas wizards, because you help to make real miracles in these dark times!!!

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