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Antidrone Shield Fundraising Update

Often they simply do not take their wounded. But when the evacuation of our wounded continues, they shoot at the evacuation equipment from drones... We can stop this and save the lives of the evacuation groups and Ukrainian wounded defenders.

There's a domestic development – an antidrone shield that can cover medical evacuations. The lads from our supported brigade, currently stationed in one of the hottest frontline areas, have selected a model that can solve this task and have conducted testing. We've finalized the procurement algorithm (because such things are not available in supermarkets) and the final budget – 270,000 hryvnias.

In the several weeks during our fundraising for the antidrone shield, thanks to your donations, we've already raised 205,000 hryvnias (oh yes, you are, as always, incredible)! To purchase three of these 'umbrellas' – because three covered evacuation vehicles are better than two – we are short of 65,000 hryvnias.

We're confident that we can do this! ‘We don't abandon our own’ is not just a phrase for us, but a reality!

Fund card: 5169 3351 0027 6134


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