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We report for June

Some people started their summer vacations in June. For us, it was just another regular working month. Here’s our report.

  • We purchased and delivered three 43" monitors and four large 55" monitors for equipping combat posts. Now, operational information for managing the deployed groups of Defense Forces will be at their fingertips!

  • We delivered an expensive antenna to the 56th Separate Mechanized Brigade to extend the range of heavy drones and protect them from enemy electronic warfare.

  • We finally collected and delivered the electronic warfare system "Synytsia" for the same brigade. It’s now in their hands and we hope it will be a reliable defender!

  •  As part of the "Other Birds-2" project, we raised funds, purchased, and delivered the first of 11 planned drones to the 22nd Separate Mechanized Brigade.

  • Together with Konstantin Sandalov, we handed over 2 laptops, 1 monitor, 2 tablets, and 1 multifunction device to the veterans support fund.

  • We helped Serge Shmygelskyy bring another vehicle into Ukraine for the Armed Forces.

  • We raised almost half the amount needed and purchased the first batch of 25 personal computers with 13th-generation i7 processors for organizing a system solution to detect and neutralize the enemy.

Not a bad month, considering the traditional summer slowdown!

We sincerely thank our partners: Danone Ukraine and Romsat, who financed separate projects! We are grateful to the listeners of Volodymyr Anfimov's podcast "Other Interview" for raising funds for another "other bird"! And as always, we tip our hats to Humanitarian Nova Poshta for their prompt and careful delivery of our packages to the military!

July and the heat shouldn't hinder our work. We continue to raise funds for mini-PCs (total project cost 400,000 UAH) and the next drones as part of the "Other Birds" project. Join us! Those who ensure our peaceful summer and the opportunity to take a vacation deserve heartfelt gratitude and support!

Fund card: 5169 3351 0027 6134


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