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We are reporting for the year

Another year is behind us. Another dramatic and challenging one. This year, it was harder to collect donations and harder to gather strength. But the military relied on us – and we revitalized, encouraged you, and ultimately accomplished a lot of good.

 We managed to implement three high-value projects:

- Mobile bath and laundry complex "turnkey" for a tank battalion (600,000 UAH);

- "Other Birds" (2 thermal drones / about 500,000 UAH);

- Anti-drone shields (8 Anti-drone devices for various units / 720,000 UAH).

 We delivered 3 vehicles, repaired and returned 4 more to service.

 Purchased or handed over with partners:

˗ 7 Mavic 3 / Autel drones (2 amplifiers and 6 batteries for them)

˗ 78 LCD TVs

˗ 100 monitors

˗ 20 tablets

˗ 100 laptops

˗ 55 multifunctional devices

˗ 2 thermal imagers

˗ 2 car and several sets of digital radios

˗ 2 generators + EcoFlow

˗ repair and construction equipment

˗ tactical gadgets (backpacks, pouches, tactical headphones, hydration systems, etc.).

This assistance was directed to 20 different beneficiary units of the Armed Forces, Territorial Defense Forces, National Guard, and Air Forces.

Together with Humanitarian Nova Poshta, we made 252 postal shipments with items for the military. Thank you, our faithful logistics geniuses!

A low bow to our reliable and constant partners: Volodymyr Anfimov and Inshie Intervyu, Romsat, MTI hi-tech distribution, Onride Team, Ilyashev & Partners, Novopecherska School, Modulex, and a like-minded people from companies Danone, SAP Ukraine, and Infopulse Ukraine!

Special thanks for partnership and effective cooperation to Konstantin Sandalov, Oleg Laguta, and the Moloda Kraina Foundation, Serge Shmygelskyy.

Daria Sandalova, Kateryna Lashchykova, and Taras Sokhatsky, thank you for your assistance with photos and video materials for our posts.

Respect to all those who continued and continue to support our projects with donations. All these contributions: from a few hryvnias to round sums, - help us to fulfill request after request!

The next year won't be easy. But as long as we feel our own strength and responsibility, as long as we support each other and take small steps towards our goal – we are UNDEFEATED!

Glory to Ukraine!


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