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They need tablets!

In anticipation of our counterattack, the enemy did not sit idly by. Multiple lines of defense, endless minefields, and various cunning ambushes await our soldiers ahead. That's why the tactical reconnaissance operation needs to be literally "at the fingertips" of those who advance, of everyone making tactical decisions. The combat success and lives saved depend on it!

These "at the fingertips" devices are tablets equipped with special software. And we need a lot of them!

Currently, we have an urgent request for 10 units. The total cost of this purchase is 80,000 hryvnias, of which we have already collected over 30,000. We know for sure that we will need to buy more. We hope you understand how crucial this is!

We need to close the fundraising in a few days.

The most convenient way to donate:

PrivatBank: 5169 3351 0027 6134


Other details are provided is here


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