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Reporting on May

If we analyze what we have been engaged in during May and early June, it may seem like we are helpning an IT academy rather than a military units. Tablets, laptops, plasma panels, and various computer accessories. Heading to the east and south. One by one, two by two, six by six... Over and over again!

The six plasmas and six tablets that you helped us raise funds for in just a few days last week have already been distributed to various units. The military emphasizes, "This is not for entertainment purposes. It's meant to gather real-time information, receive video feeds from drones, access critical data, create maps, and manage unit operations." "These are our eyes and our hands," they say!

You provide them with eyes and hands, increase the effectiveness of our armed forces, and help save lives!!!

So, we express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the fundraising efforts! Thank you to Volodymyr Anfimov and the donors of the "Інше інтерв'ю" podcast. Thank you for the support from our steadfast partners: Romsat and MTI companies! Special thanks to Nova Poshta Humanitarian for enabling us to swiftly deliver all this equipment to so many different locations (the military specifically expressed their gratitude for the careful packaging and damage-free delivery)!

Our fundraising for this "IT academy" must continue. We already have a request for seven more plasmas and a video surveillance system. What we raise today will be put to work in the fields tomorrow.

We won't stop because we are forging a future victory!


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