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Reporting on March.

During this month, we were able to accomplish many useful tasks and handle a couple of quite expensive requests from the military.

At the beginning of the month, we completed our project to equip a mobile shower/laundry for a tank unit fighting on the eastern front. With your help, we managed to collect 58,000 hryvnias and cover all payments for our "banya" in March!

We delivered water tanks and a large batch of packages for fortifications to a cool brigade.

We purchased and delivered four LCD televisions necessary for reconnaissance.

In the middle of the month, we promptly purchased and delivered devices and consumables for equipping shelters for our artillerymen on the southern front.

We helped (and continue to do so) with the purchase of necessary goods for the civil-military cooperation group of one of the brigades on the eastern front, which accompanies our fallen heroes.

We collected a round sum, purchased, and already delivered a thermal imaging monocular for reconnaissance.

We acquired two digital radios for a Territorial Defense Unit from Kyiv and fulfilled a request from another unit currently fighting in the east for the procurement of necessary equipment and setting up a video surveillance system.

We continued to equip the headquarters with computer equipment and completed many smaller tasks.

Your help this month was very significant. Many people continued to support us with their personal donations. Several wonderful birthday people turned their birthdays into an occasion for fundraising and covered part of our March expenses: thank you to Antonina Sotnikova, Denis Stegniy, Alexander Holushko. Several great teams and communities made their contributions, including: Velodim.Kyiv, the Social psychology department of Taras Shevchenko National University, Romsat company (we are grateful to them for both monetary contributions and help with purchasing goods). Sympatik Group company has donated its furniture to the training center of our sponsored unit of the National Guard of Ukraine. Epicenter K. and MTI companies have always helped us with the procurement of necessary goods. And our constant partner Nova Poshta Humanitarian has provided reliable logistics.

Thank you all!!! You have done so much good this month to bring us closer to victory!


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