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Reporting for January

The end of January is approaching. Not the best month for volunteers. Nevertheless, we tried not to stop. The main achievement is that together we have already raised the necessary amount for two out of three required sets of anti-drone devices for the 22nd brigade! We've purchased them!!!

 Soon, Nova Poshta will deliver this crucial gift, and then our new "umbrellas" will shield the first groups of Ukrainian defenders!

 Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the volunteer community – caring individuals and even one media-savvy hedgehog – we managed to purchase, transport to Ukraine, and promptly deliver another combat vehicle to the military. It is already serving its challenging duty in the fields near Avdiivka. We are pleased to have been able to contribute to this project!

 Also we delivered 4 plasmas to the Donetsk region from Oleg Laguta.

 Anton Kryachok funded, and we bought and delivered thermal imagers to our brave Air defense in the south.

 Konstantin Sandalov, together with his team, reinforced various units with:

15 monitors

3 multifunctional devices

4 desktops.

A deep bow to everyone who, despite the holidays, emptied wallets, and general stagnation, continued to support us with their donations! Thank you, Nova Poshta Humanitarian, for delivering all of this timely and neatly!

And we are starting to raise funds for the third anti-drone! Our goal is 90 thousand hryvnias. Starting is always challenging. It's like starting to write on a blank sheet. Help us! We can do it!

Fund card: 5169 3351 0027 6134

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