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Report for January

Our job for the past month is complete. And it helped us, say, "wipe away" our laundry-related issues. Our mobile shower/laundry room's design, delivery of the chassis, and equipment purchase were all coordinated. We were able to finance the majority of this project with your assistance. Unfortunately, the final contribution will be a bit larger than anticipated because we are short by 50,000 hryvnias. So, we keep gathering donations.

For the Kyiv Territorial Defense unit, which rotated between the six-monthly conflicts in Ukraine's east and... the new fighting somewhere in the same region, we paid for the repair of three damaged cars (two SUVs and one bus).

We kept delivering the domestic, energy, and technology supplies required for various units (thanks to Nova Poshta Humanitarian, everything has promptly arrived there).

As of now, a fundraising campaign for supplies to enhance our soldiers' living space in Donbas has been launched. The most well-known is a "tourist" list that includes everything from food film to self-tapping screws for a total price of roughly 20,000 hryvnias. We also provide a recent image showing actual circumstances.

We have just completed another month. The only thing left to do is pull that strap. We do, after all, understand that we are moving toward victory!

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