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Restoration of two headquarters

Thanks to our joint efforts over the past weeks, we have been able to help several military units at once. We restored two headquarters, which were damaged after hostile shelling: we purchased or sent: - 3 multifunctional devices, - 7 laptops, - 1 TV, - HDD discs for 12 TB of total volume, - brought back to life one car, after changing all the wheels, and bought the boots on one platoon. - Replenished stationery supplies, because needed. We are sincerely grateful to all those who helped with monetary contributions.

Special thanks to Alexander Golushko, Natalya Lototska, Konstantin Sandalov, as well as our unchanged partner Nova Poshta Humanitarian for their logistical support.

The following requests are so predictable that it is uncomfortable to write about them: there is an urgent need for tablets and some issues with winter clothes and equipment begin. Wheels, batteries, laptops...

Nothing new, but we don't need impressions. We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, believe in victory, go our own way and bring the maximum possible and rapid benefit to the military!


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