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Our activities in April

In the April 2015 photos from our Foundation, there were Easter baked goods and the delivery of essential items to the frontlines. What has changed over the years?

In 2023, we didn't send Easter baked goods. They say there was even an excess of Easter bread...

Instead, thanks to generous people, we were able:

- to purchase a digital car radio for the Kyiv Tactical Rescue Operations unit and fulfill their communication needs before their deployment to the frontlines;

- to help restore one combat vehicle to operational readiness;

- to purchase and deliver what is necessary for the dignified support of our fallen heroes in the hottest locations;

- to buy two brand new computers and a printer for the specific tasks of our Air Force and address their current headquarters needs.

These are the modest Easter gifts that, just like 8 years ago, Nova Poshta Humanitarian helps us send.

The cyclic nature of memories no longer surprises us. "Never again" clearly doesn't work yet...

So let's simply donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and believe that the new April will bring fundamentally different experiences and memories!

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