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More than an IT academy

Another month of our work is behind us. We joked that in June we were helping to equip the IT Academy. But in reality, we were outfitting the headquarters of newly formed brigades involved in offensive operations, small tactical groups, and reconnaissance units.

With your help this month, we were able to purchase and send 11 large plasma panels and 12 tablets. In parallel, our friendly volunteers, together with Konstantin Sandalov and Infopulse Ukraine, made their contribution to the requests of our wards. They purchased, and we helped them deliver, 13 computers, 4 MFPs, 14 monitors, and 3 antennas to the frontlines.

We want to thank everyone who donated and helped us accomplish so much this month! We extend our gratitude to our partners, Romsat and MTI companies, without whom the "IT Academy" project would not have been possible. We also appreciate Nova Poshta Humanitarian for their assistance in making urgent and sometimes unusual deliveries (worth mentioning is the motorboat alone)!

To be frank, we still have many pending requests. We need more tablets as they provide mobility and autonomy for small tactical groups, which is essential. We also need air dehumidifiers (you can understand why). We need to do more!!! Because we are not spectators in the stands, eagerly watching the drama on the field. We are their rear and going above and beyond what is possible is our duty!


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