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May Report

Reporting on another month of work. Despite the general decrease in activity (oh, that intoxicating spring ), we managed to accomplish quite a lot:

 We raised funds and purchased the next two very useful and expensive antennas to increase the range of our drones and protect them from enemy EW systems for the 56th Brigade (bringing the total to 5 such devices delivered).

  • Finally paid for another "Synytsia" EW system to the same 56th Brigade. We are waiting for production.

  • Purchased seven 43" televisions to equip the command posts of two units. We are currently working on purchasing four more with larger screens.

  • With the support of Oleh Lahuta and the "Moloda Kraina" Charitable Foundation, we delivered 20 IP phones for the 154th Mechanized Brigade.

  • Together with Kostyantyn Sandalov, we delivered seven powerful laptops, one multifunction printer, one WiFi router, and a couple of drones to various units.

Special thanks to the "Romsat" company, residents of the "Faina Town" residential complex, and the "Modulex" company for their help with fundraising, and to our steadfast partners, Humanitarian Post of Ukraine, for flawless delivery.

Currently, we still have an open collection for another drone antenna – we need to raise a bit more than 10,000 UAH. We are carrying out major repairs on the legendary vehicle of the Kyiv Territorial Defense. Our wards are requesting FPV drones. The collection for drones for the 22nd Brigade under the "Other Birds" project is ongoing. And all this is smoothly transitioning into summer, when collections and activities significantly slow down.

Please support us now! It’s always needed, but it feels particularly urgent now. The military personnel we support, who are still waiting for their orders, recently asked, "Has the war ended in the rear?"

It has not ended! And it’s important to us that the military doesn’t have to ask such sad questions.

Fund card: 5169 3351 0027 6134


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