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Interview about our 10 years

With special pride, we present the release of Volodymyr Anfimov's podcast "Other Interview," featuring Anna Sandalova, the Chairwoman of our foundation's board.

This interview offers a perspective on our foundation's volunteer work and activities through the lens of its 10-year history.

How have the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine changed over these 10 years? What connects the Foundation with Oleh Sentsov? Which Ukrainian company made the largest donation in the foundation's history? Which of the numerous trips to the East will Anya never forget? And why is she convinced that volunteering is not about money.

Volodymyr Anfimov, announcing this episode, wrote: "As is often the case, such people are not very well-known outside their own circles, as they lack the resources for 'PR.' And this is very unfair because everything relies on such people, and personally, I want as many Ukrainians as possible to know about them."

The foundation's team fully shares this opinion, and we, too, would love for as many people as possible to listen to this interview!

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