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Anti-drone fundraising: 45% to the finish line

The drone war, which has become our present reality, demands both offensive and defensive measures. The latter, no less important... Anti-drone shields (the same electronic warfare systems for protecting vehicles and positions) are an investment in the safety of our soldiers that fully justifies the funds invested.

We have already sent four such anti-drone devices to various units. Currently, we are collecting funds for three more for the 22nd Brigade.

Fortunately, this fundraising has gained momentum after the New Year holidays and crossed the halfway mark. We need to exert extra effort to raise the rest. The boys are eagerly awaiting protection, and explaining to them again that they have to wait is just unbearable!

Help with your donations! Invest in saving the lives of your defenders!

☘️Fund card: 5169 3351 0027 6134

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