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About the offensive and tablets

These days, we have been discussing a potential major Russian offensive. Of course, this makes us scared and worried. And thats why we want to share a story with you, that appeared these days.

Hanna Sandalova discussed one request with a combat commander from the epicenter of hostilities. It is necessary to urgently provide them Lenovo Tabs. They clarified the details and then discussed the current situation at the front a little. And then Hanna asked: "Tell me, please, what's going on with that attack? Civilians are very worried, nervous..."

The commander began to explain that it was necessary to restore something, learn new equipment, and get something from volunteers. And after that, he says, WE WILL BEGIN OFFENSIVE.

"No," says Hanna, "I'm asking about another attack."

And then the commander was confused. Our troops have no thoughts of any other offensive but OURS.

There is a war. There are current problems. There are needs. And there is an offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is supposed to liberate our country.

So let's donate for tablets. In a couple of days, with your help, we will be able to buy and give them to those who are planning a VICTORIOUS LIBERATION OFFENSIVE!

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