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A new trip to the east

Anna Sandalova once again visited our wards on the eastern front as part of the Foundation's activities. This time, we handed over a vehicle to the guys from the native Kyiv territorial defense unit, the same a «battle horse» for which funds were collectively raised before the New Year, and which was purchased and brought with your help. The vehicle was loaded with incredibly important gifts, handed over to our guys by the CYCLONE ua company team. We added a couple more plasmas to see the enemy better.

The «battle horse» is already working efficiently on the battered front roads and off-road – the soldiers are immensely pleased with it. The drones we previously provided, according to the military, have already demonstrated their first combat merits. And all the equipment, from plasmas to the smallest mouse, is needed, and we are continuously thanked for it!

But what they ask for the most is protection from drones! That's what is urgently needed!!!

Currently, we are working on fulfilling the request from the 22nd Brigade to purchase three anti-drone devices. However, the fundraising for this project is lagging significantly over the New Year holidays. The budget for this project is 270,000 UAH, and we have gathered only a third of the required amount.

Please help! You understand that fundraising for anti-drones is always fundraising for saved lives!!!

Fund card: 5169 3351 0027 6134


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