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Brave birdies - a 2024 university admission strategy and support initiative for children whose parents serve the country in the ranks of the Defense Forces and are unable to assist their children with National University Entrance Exams (NMT) preparation and admission planning.

Your eleventh-grade children bombard you with these questions through Signal, and it's very challenging for you to support and help them understand right now because you are at war...

  • What do I want to achieve and become?

  • How mature is my vision of my future profession, and what should I do to be more confident in my choice?

  • What to do if I don't understand at all who I want to be and where to study?

  • How to prepare for NMT and determine the chances of getting into the university I desire?

  • How does the competition for applicants work, and how can I calculate my chances?

  • How to learn more about the dream university and see if it suits me?

The support group's work includes:

  • Weekly motivational meetings with the group curator.

  • Regular testing and progress tracking.

  • Meetings with career guidance experts, students from various universities, and admissions experts.

For children of military personnel, this course is free of charge, provided that they attend diligently and complete tasks systematically. If we realize the need to create subject-specific study groups, we will do so.

Thus, we work together on your children's dreams and their future, even when you cannot be there with them. We believe in your children and are ready to help them soar like true brave birdies.

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