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We are buying an amplifier for drones: a successful finish to the summer!

Reporting on the past week of summer. Finally, we were able to gather the necessary amount and purchase a drone amplifier. The guys are extremely grateful, saying that this antenna was "as essential as air" to them.

We also purchased and delivered another generator to the Donetsk region.

Additionally, we assisted Konstantin Sandalov in delivering 4 large plasma TVs, 2 large multifunctional devices, several more laptops, keyboards, and other useful computer equipment.

We are immensely thankful to everyone who contributed to our recent fundraising efforts, as well as to Nova Posht

a Humanitarian, who delivered all these devices to our beneficiaries!

Currently, we continue to collect funds for a drone for the National Guard unit that is stationed near Kremenna. We are very close to reaching our goal, so every contribution will help close this request as soon as possible!

As for September, we plan a big and "tasty" project. But we'll keep the suspense a little longer


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