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Report for the beginning of December

Let's talk a bit about our joint achievements.

Over the past two weeks, we have purchased and delivered two additional anti-drone devices to the 56th brigade (making it a total of four). Our defenders have sent several verbal and video reports with gratitude: the "umbrellas" are doing their job, saving lives and equipment from FPT drones every day!

We sent 15 high-quality HDMI cables to connect plasmas, making the enemy more visible and closer.

We organized and paid for the repair of a combat vehicle that covers tens of thousands of kilometers on front roads every month.

Together with Konstantin Sandalov, we delivered four laptops, a multifunctional device, and a shredder to various units. We also handed over one laptop from our Crimean Tatar friends in Germany to a newly formed brigade.

Nova Poshta Humanitarian, thank you for ensuring that everything was delivered neatly and on time!

When we are together, we can accomplish so much!

We are now actively raising funds for the third anti-drone device for the 22nd brigade. It's our turn, and we need to acquire them. Currently, we can only afford to pay for two of them. We sincerely ask for your involvement in this extremely important request and your support with your crucial donations.

Let's pull together! A good Christmas gift will be waiting!

Fund card: 5169 3351 0027 6134


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