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Flying assistants: Let's collect for batteries for drones!

The importance of drones in frontline operations is widely known. Drones that destroy enemy vehicles and personnel are the images we see on social media. However, drones serve many other functions as well: they provide support during offensive actions, help individual groups escape traps, facilitate the evacuation of the wounded, search for bodies of the deceased, and contribute to the accomplishment of other important tasks. It's no wonder that the military continues to request new drones and batteries to ensure they have enough power.

We cannot stand aside! Collecting funds for the next drone is our ongoing dream. And right now, we urgently need to purchase 5 (preferably 10) batteries for them. The best price we found is 7,500 UAH per unit.

In the photo is a drone that a kind-hearted, but unfamiliar person financed for us last week, and we passed it on to those who needed it the most.

We express our deep gratitude and appreciation for your trust and willingness to continue supporting the frontline! We plan to deliver the batteries by the end of the week, so please help us!


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