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May Report

June 03, 2022 We continue to meet the urgent needs of our wards from various military units scattered throughout Ukraine. In our help, as in military affairs, there are no small things. Different household items make the life of our soldiers on the front line more comfortable, tools make it possible to repair the necessary equipment faster, and shovels - to set up safe positions. Dozens of volunteers scattered geographically - but united by shared values - continue to collect money, search for necessary goods, and carry out purchases and shipments. After all, every completed application is another step towards victory!

In May, we equipped several newly created headquarters with the necessary equipment. Thanks to our friends from Great Britain, we provided communication tools for some units on the front line and covered the urgent needs of our wards from Chernihiv Oblast to Luhansk Oblast (clothing and ammunition, construction equipment, household goods).

The total assistance provided this month exclusively through cash donations amounted to more than 320,000 hryvnias.


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