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Office equipment in the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

June 11, 2022

The other day, we delivered 11 laptops, 6 tablets, 3 multifunctional devices, and 3 printers to provide several spirited brigades and units that defend the native land in south Ukraine. Equipped with appropriate tools, they will, in particular, become skilled assistants to our gunners - this is the fate of nowadays office equipment.

Sincere gratitude for the realization of this project to Kostyantyn Sndalov and the entire Infopulse Ukraine team, our good partner MTI hi-tech distribution, Denis Stegniy and Antonina Sotnikova for the fundraising campaign, as well as to all the caring donors who tirelessly provide their help!

We are one day closer to victory. Let's not stop to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and each other!


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