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People's aid

July 14, 2022 Cooperation in times of war is a true miracle. In carrying out the tasks of the Fund, we meet fantastic people who help us with logistics, supply, or even production of the necessary things. Residents of the vxillage of Zhukivtsi, Obukhiv district, Kyiv region, are just such fantastic people.

They set up the production of camouflage nets: in different sizes and colors (any whims of our wards) in exchange for consumables only. Thanks to Nova Poshta Humanitarian the necessary materials flow into Trypillya, and the nets made go straight to the front line.

Everyone who cares weaves these nets: young people, senior citizens, and even children. And they complement each parcel to the military with various goodies, children's drawings, and letters!

As a result of our cooperation, six camouflage nets have already been delivered to various military units.

The team of "Zhukivchanka" and all their assistants - you are incredible! Sincere gratitude to you from the guys for your work and the support behind each such shipment!


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