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April Report

April 03, 2022 We are proud of what our foundation, "Support the Army of Ukraine,» achieved last month.

In short:

- The total cost of the aid we transferred to 15 military units exceeded 2 million hryvnias;

- Thanks to charitable contributions, we made purchases in the amount of UAH 800,000;

- More than 20 raids were carried out to send goods to the locations of our defenders.

So far, we have delivered to the military:

300 sets of uniforms and 100 tactical items

2 cars

600 radios

20 computers

2 gasoline generators (three more are currently to be purchased)

10 printers

2 video surveillance systems

20 car batteries and 8 wheels

100 lanterns

100 different tools

40 tents

50 sleeping bags

medicines, hygiene products, disposable dishes, etc.

What we plan to achieve:

- Fulfill a large request from one of the motorized infantry brigades located in the east of Ukraine, which includes: cars, generators, power tools, backpacks, tablets, laptops, and more;

- We continue to sew and buy military uniforms, which are currently in great demand in many units;

- We continue to solve urgent operational tasks.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you see an opportunity for cooperation! Many thanks to everyone who supports us!

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